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For this project the client required further living space in his town house due to an additional member of the family. After sitting and discussing the possible options, they decided that a rear extension to host a Dining/kitchen area would be an ideal solution and create additional living space in the existing building . The client advised me that he was looking for something modern in design, allowing a lot of light into the building, giving the impression of being bright an airy.

What made this project particularly interesting was the contrast in modernity and existing Victorian  structure of both the materials and design. As well as being a space for cooking, this had to be a functional family area to open up to the landscaped garden. Particular attention was paid to the materiality, with shiny masonry flooring to reflect the optimal amount of light into the building, due to the narrowness of the building. The House also received a full interior modernisation to allow the continuity of modern design to flow through the entire house.